Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dave Matthews Band @ Hollywood Bowl

Just got back from seeing Dave Matthews Band with Jacki.

Here is the set from tonight.

Dave Matthews Band
August 28, 2006
Hollywood Bowl

Best of Whats Around *
Pig *
What Would You Say *
Dream Girl *
Hunger For The Great Light *
Shotgun *
Crash Into Me
Everyday *
You Might Die Trying *
Dancing Nancies *
Warehouse *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going
Cant Stop
Smooth Rider *+
Louisiana Bayou *+

So Right *
Ants Marching *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
+ Robert Randolph

Robert Randolph and the Family Band opened the show. Although the band sounded great the vibe at the venue was not cool. We were about halfway back and it reminded me of my college days when you'd have a bunch of frat guys and sorrority girls not paying attention to the show and just talking. The conversations around us often were louder than the band themselves.

This was my first outing to the Hollywood Bowl and although the vibe wasn't great the venue made for a spectacular visual.

Highlights of the show for me were Loving Wings -> Where Are You Going, and Louisiana Bayou.

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