Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Concerts

The past couple of weeks Jacki and I caught a few more shows. First Mike Keneally Band at The Baked Potato. They finally spelled his name correctly on the Marquee. Then Zappa Plays Zappa, and this past Monday we saw Pearl Jam at the LA Forum.

Highlights of the Zappa show included Stink Foot, Peaches, Montana, and Inca Roads. Terry Bozzio provided some comic relief all punked out on vocals.

This was my 3rd time to see Pearl Jam and was the best performance I've seen from them by a long shot. I don't know if it is an LA thing or what, but bands seem to generally be in great spirits when they play LA. Two sold out shows at the venue doesn't hurt either. They even had a plaque outside the box office that recognized their sell outs. Picture below. The funniest plaque was the 20 sell outs from Phil Collins over the course of about 20 years.

Pearl Jam
The Forum
Los Angeles, California
July 10, 2006

World Wide Suicide
Brain Of J.
Marker In The Sand
Severed Hand
Even Flow
I Got Id
Daughter/(It's Ok)/(I Believe In Miracles)/(Blitzkrieg Bop)
Better Man/(Save it for Later)
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Encore 1
Man Of The Hour
Off He Goes

Encore 2
Big Wave
State Of Love And Trust
Rockin' In The Free World

The Forum was an odd venue. It was a gigantic room that somehow had an intimate feel. A very good room for a big show, however the venue itself was a dump and the facilities were far from modern. I'm listening to a copy of the show taken from the Peal Jam bootlegs site and the venue made for a fantastic recording.

Its been a good summer for concerts.

Next we're off to Houston tomorrow to see my mom get married. First she graduates college after I do and now she is getting married after me. We'll be in Houston until Monday and then I'm off to Korea for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing like seeing the name "Zappa" in lights.

Hope all is well. -V

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