Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Questionable Ethics

I'm pretty sure I know who the offenders in the below article are. I worked with them at a prior employer and approximately a month ago I went to dinner with a friend who informed me of the move of a group of 7 from Yahoo to MForma and what I thought about this crew from my previous emplyoer.

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Yahoo sues MForma over mobile game secrets

Yahoo sued seven former employees who left the company for mobile gaming company MForma Group for allegedly stealing company secrets regarding mobile gaming. Yahoo is also suing MForma and plans to seek an injunction to stop the parties from using its technology. Yahoo's lawyer claimed that there is "extensive evidence of wholesale theft." MForma President Jonathan Sacks denied the allegations and chalked the whole thing up to Yahoo's attempts to pressure its employees not to leave the company for competitors. Yahoo's specific allegation is that a former manager copied Yahoo trade secrets when he left to join MForma and then he allegedly recruited another Yahoo manager who also provided MForma with confidential information.

Although I know nothing more about the allegations or how this case will shake out, if MForma emerges from this legally unscathed, at the very least the market now knows theirs is a mobile gaming solution that Yahoo deemed threatening.

For more on Yahoo's suit against MForma:
- take a look at this article from The San Jose Mercury News

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