Friday, December 30, 2005

In Houston

We are wrapping up our vacation back in Texas. I'm sitting at my mom's computer and we are getting ready for bed prior to our return trip back to LA. We covered a lot of ground, spending Saturday through Wednesday in Port Lavaca at Jacki's mom's, seeing many in her family, and then Wednesday night through Saturday morning at my mom's in Houston, spending time with my mom, lisa and her friends and then breaking away to see my dad.

We saw King Kong, a dud, hit Pappasitto's twice, so against the diet, saw my dad's new house he is building in Houston, saw Narnia, not too bad, and Darian and I learned about Sudoku.

Once we get back I'll post pictures from the trip. Oh and pepper doesn't look so good :-(

Can't wait to get back home. Houston is where I grew up but it no longer feels like home to me.

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