Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Studio Day 6

We got back into the studio tonight and completed working on the drum sounds. It took another hour or so as expected but I think all of us are happy with they way things are sounding. I tightened the top head on the snare, left a little ring/overtone, loosened the bottom head, and muffled the head slightly. A nice wet snare with a tiny bit of ring.

For the toms I moved the mics farther back from the heads which oddly gave more clarity and definition. It is getting more of the stick and less of the drum.

We worked on the drum part to Can't Say No. Spent about an hour or so working out bass drum patterns and putting together a consistent part that locked with the bass. Quite a bit of work that I'm hopeful will pay off in the long run.

On Thursday we will record my track and if time permits begin working on the next drum track.

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