Sunday, December 19, 2004

Back in the States

I got back from Korea yesterday. With the time change I actually landed before I took off. My departing flight was at 10:05am and I landed around 9:30am 13 hours later. It took about an hour to get through customs and out of the airport.

I got home about 11am, checked email and snail mail and got ready for the day.

My band The Superlatives played a charity event for Toys For Tots last night so since we hadn't played in over a week we got together around 3pm to rehearse our set list. Something like 10 songs running about 55 minutes. Strangely enough this was probably one of our best rehearsals, no problems with tempos, very few wrong notes and one of the first times Mike G and were locking in tightly as a rhythm section. We finished up about 4:20pm and decided to meet around 6:30pm at the venue for a 7:20pm start time.

The venue was a bit of a dive but not far from my house so it was fairly convenient to get to. I picked up Jacki and Darian, we went to Moes, and then got to the venue around 6:15pm or so. As usual with Butchy Rhythm productions (he coordinates these charity events) he was running behind schedule. Thankfully we were the 3rd band so the delay didn't keep compounding for us. We went on about 8pm and played our set. It was a good performance and we had a good crowd, quite a bit of cheering, some dancing occurred and it sounded like people were having a good time. With the lights and being behind someone else's drum kit I could barely see over the top.

Butchy likes to give our band and all bands for that matter an encore so we held back our last song and sure enough Butchy asked us to play more. Well he asked us to play 2 more, we added an unrehearsed "Too Far" to the set and closed with "Rejected". Great response to our finish and since we were probably going to be the best original band for the night we were asked to play yet another song. This was tougher but we ended up adding "Silver Lines" that went over well for the final track.

All in all we played about an hour and fifteen, and added 2-3 songs at the end of the set that weren't necessarily going to be played. For not playing live in 6-8 weeks this was a good and fun thing to come back to.

Today the plan is to catch up on rest and get ready for Christmas. Its good to be back home.

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