Monday, November 29, 2004

Back Home

Saturday we ended up with Darian back at Universal and saw some of the 3d movies. That night we went to the Hard Rock and were able to go into Hard Rock Live. Darian couldn't believe how small it was, but was assured by the staff that this is the same venue used for the MTV/VH1 concerts.

I was able to spot some more KISS items on the walls as well as a lot of items from The Who.

We got back from Orlando last night. It ended up taking longer to drive back with the heavy traffic then it did going to Orlando with the heavy rain. About an extra hour of travel time and stop and go traffic the last 80 miles back was not fun.

I've finally posted the pictures from the Korea trip, as well as the pics from Orlando. There are quite a few Orlando pictures including Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center.

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