Sunday, October 31, 2004


I'm off to Seoul today. I will never truly experience tomorrow, Monday. My flight leaves at 8:35pm tonight and after a quick connection in LAX, I will land in Seoul on Tuesday morning at 6:30am.

I expect the trip to be quite productive especially after being at CTIA all week. I have quite a few new product ideas and it will be great to see how much further ahead the South Korean's are with wireless technology.

With the short notice for the trip I realized I would not be here for the elections. Last Tuesday I faxed in an absentee ballot request form and received it on Thursday. As of Friday morning I had voted. Who do you ask, W. of course.

Ever since I've been voting there doesn't seem to be a clear cut winner. I try not to think of myself as republican or democrat, however I realize that the upper middle class seems to be a big fan of republicans. So I can't tell if this is a function of who I've become or if the candidates really do speak to my concerns. Regardless W. got the vote this time around, and I'll call it now, if Hilary runs in 2008, Cheney better look out.

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