Saturday, October 02, 2004

Battle at Andrews

We played Thursday night at Andrews Upstairs for the final battle in the battle of the bands. We didn't win but we had a great time.

One thing that caught us by surprise included the fact that we had the second most votes from the audience, but only a single vote out of the four judges. We had made the final round because of the judges the Thursday before but it was great to hear that people liked our music.

Out of 15 bands we came in 3rd place which I think is respectable. Andrews did a great job of packing the venue. We played to 100-150 people in the venue which was by far our largest crowd yet. We typically play to 30-40 our in the case of Smiths on Monday to 10.

The high profile gigs have gotten us a few calls this past week and we have lined up a show at the Brandyhouse in October and will probably play at the Masquerade again in the next month. In the meantime we will get back to recording and continue to keep up our profile around town.

Thursday also marked our 20th public performance.

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