Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Superlatives

Its been a great few days for The Superlatives and live music in Atlanta.

Picking up where we last left off, Jacki and I went to see deSol at Andrews Upstairs Saturday night. We got there during soundcheck and Soto waived to Jacki and I as we walked in. After the finished up Jacki went down and talked the band. Evidently Soto and James had told the other members about The Superlatives performance from Thursday. All the guys came by and introduced themselves and were very supportive of the fact that we won Thursday night.

I had taken some pictures of them from Bonnaroo and Aquafina on the Bricks and Armando and Albie had seen the pictures and were visibly excited about how they turned out.

After the set we talked to the band a little more and then watched The Connells. I know I'm in no position to criticize a band, but watching REM type music just isn't my thing.

We stepped out met up with deSol again and closed out the night. A very good Saturday night.

Sunday we rehearsed and Jacki and I went to the Allman Brothers Band at the Fox. Great music, although not too exciting to watch. They were selling Instant Live cd performances of the show immediately afterwards and I'm realizing that I'll enjoy the cd of the show better than the show itself. At least I can now say I've seen them. I must admit they brought a guest keyboardist and proceeded into a great jam between him, Warren and Derek Trucks. That jam was worth the price of admission.

Monday night we played an 11pm set at Smiths Olde Bar. Of course load in at 5:30 occurs just as Hurricane Jeanne, which is now Tropical Storm Jeanne blows into the greater Atlanta area. I'm out trying to take my drums up a flight of stairs fighting rain that is coming down in horizontal sheets. Needless to say I was soaked after load in.

As the first band from Nashville went on, I could immediately tell we've gone to the next level. The first two bands were great. Very tight, good songwriting, great musicians, and in general young people that love original music. Most of the places we had been playing preferred cover bands, so having a full night of original music was definitely a treat.

A few of my co-workers and their significant others came out and we put on a great 50 minute set. Short and sweet. After our show some people from the crowd that we didn't know asked how they could get more information on us and some of the other bands came by and gave us their approval.

We have Andrews again on Thursday and it appears we are moving up in the world of local Atlanta music.

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