Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Shows keep coming in

My band has gotten a windfall of new shows lined up. After a month of dealing with death, heavy work schedules and little rehearsal we are back to playing.

It all starts Sunday at Jake's Toadhouse to finish off the battle of the bands. A bit uncoordinated on their part, but its all just rock and roll now, isn't it? Next Thursday at Andrew's Upstairs, the following Monday at Smiths Olde Bar, and then the last show is perhaps something to get excited about.

We've been invited to play the Atlanta Falcons Tailgate party pre-game on October 10. This should get us hopefully in front of out largest crowd yet. A full 2 hour set.

Come out and support live music. Mention this site and I'll personally buy you a beer at the show. (Band members don't count!)

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