Friday, September 24, 2004

And the winner is...

We went on an hour and a half later than our scheduled performance, to a moderate sized crowd and won the wildcard for the battle of the bands. So we've been invited back to play next Saturday in the final round. The votes were 10 points from the judges and 1 point from any person you brought through the door. The amazing thing is we only had two people come through the door but still managed votes into the high 20s. Maybe we are the next critically acclaimed band :-)

One of the high points of our set was The Weather Song. You had people out in the crowd visibily feeling the groove of the song and having a good time. And then after the song, the sound guy comes across our monitors and tells us that was a really good song.

It turns out a new band, deSol, that Jacki and I discovered at Bonnaroo was in the audience. James, the conga player, Soto, the lead guitarist and a friend of theirs was sitting right in front of my band. I approached them, reintroduced myself and after a weird moment of them not realizing who I was, they remembered Jacki. We talked about some pictures I took of them at Bonnaroo and at a show a month or so back in Atlanta that they were able to check out.

deSol was gracious enough to stay long into the night to see our set. They had nothing but good things to say about our music and about my playing. The funny thing is they seem to have the Spinal Tap syndrome with drummers, so I said next time the rotating door opens, then give me a call. :-) They are on Curb records and their album came out about 3-4 weeks ago.

We exchanged phone numbers and there is a chance that Jacki and I will take some of the guys out to dinner in appreciation of their music.

Our next show is at Smith's Olde Bar on Monday night and we hope to see you there. And remember my offer, if you come out to our show, find me, and mention my blog, I'll buy you your first round of drinks.

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