Friday, August 27, 2004

Setting Up Your DSL Connection

Strike One.

I received my DSL install kit today. After the better part of an hour working on my own and another hour with customer support all I have is an opened troble ticket with escalation.

It amazes me anyone has DSL. This is my third attempt in over the years to get DSL and all have failed. We will see if they can get me up and running.

Also, don't you hate when they tell you to perform troubleshooting such as, please shutdown your computer, unplug all the wires, plug them back end, and restart your computer. Like this wasn't the first thing I did before I called you!!!

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Are you going through your company? Gotta love the Bangalore
tech support. Have 'em give a shout to the Trilogy folks.


Anonymous said...

Not bangalore, but we are in India. And yes I've talked to a couple of Indians and today I finally got an American guy in the States. Issue is scheduled to be resolved on Friday.

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