Sunday, July 18, 2004

Our first CD

The Superlatives, my band, has decided to record our first cd. The irony is this all happens as we are invited to play a new series of shows in the Atlanta area. Including Jake's Toadhouse, Smiths Olde Bar, and possibly an appearance on one of the college radio shows.

Back to the cd... We are hoping for a release in December, however the biggest obstacle, and greatest opportunity is we are doing this ourselves. Mike Voss and I will likely be doing all of the recording, engineering and production. I've put up the money for most of the new gear we need to complete the project.

Gear includes:
iMac 1GHZ - 17" flat screen
Maxtor 250 GB firewire drive w/Oxford 911 chipset
DigiDesign 002R w/ ProTools LE 6.4
Tascam US-428 as a control surface for ProTools

The great thing about this system is the software will be a ProTools LE 32 track system. We will increase our tracks from the 24 ADAT tracks we had, and we will have the flexibility of digital recording and editing. The bad thing is we have zero experience.

All the gear should be set up in our studio this upcoming week and we will likely record a rehearsal or two to see how everything is working out before we focus on recording tracks. I'll get some pictures of the setup later this week.

Our next show is Friday July 23rd at Jake's Toadhouse. They liked our demo and press kit and called us this past Thursday to book us. Now if only all bookings were that easy.

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Crank up the RAM on the iMac. As far as it will go.


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