Friday, June 11, 2004

Night 1

We got into the camping grounds last night about 7pm.

After struggling with the instructions, the 95+ degree heat and our lack of camping skills we got our tent set up.

We thought we would miss the VIP party at 8pm but we had the time zone change on our side. The special guests were the Dirty Dozen Brass band. Great pictures are forthcoming. And the food in the VIP area was great. Caeser salad, albeit with soft croutons, green beans, new potatoes, and prime rib, although not "prime" it did the job. Once we got through the line they had run out of chicken.

So get this. There was a free beer line that was empty. Food was king in the VIP area. We stood in line for tshirts and posters, complimentary for the VIPs, and then roamed Centeroo.

Headed to the Movie tent, saw some Dave Chappelle, and then over to the comedy tent. Three of the 4 comics we saw were excellent. The lady comic was not in her element and although no one booed you could tell she wasn't going over well.

We saw a crazy Japanese punk band, that kept yelling Mango which we think means Comic, based on the sign they held up. Not here for punk so we roamed, found the artist signing areas and are now out and about the next morning.

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