Saturday, June 19, 2004

One of the great things about a live show such as Bonnaroo is the numerous tapers. Less than a week after the last performance shows are starting to appear on the net as well as on the official site.

Last night I downloaded from the livebonnaroo site the Dave Matthews and Friends performance from the first night. A really nice sounding matrix recording, although not as clean sounding as most of the Dave Matthews warehouse club releases, it does properly capture the sound that evening.

Another great show I've downloaded off of STG is from Kings Of Leon. I had never heard their music before the performance and I was surprised to see how good they were. Evidently the tapers were hasselled a bit about taping but that didn't stop shows from getting released. Considering this was an audience recording it came out great.

Other shows I'm in the process of downloading and listening to include Chris Robinson and Govt Mule.

And considering a fell asleep before the end of the Primus set, I'm hopeful for a Primus release with the Adrian Belew guest appearance.

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