Saturday, June 12, 2004

Day 3

We are about half way through day 3. Yes it is 7pm and we are only
half way, Primus will be carrying us until about 3 in the morning.

We were able to sleep a little later today, since we figured out how
to ventilate the tent. We made it to the late hour of 7am. After
eating some fruit, and drinking some water we headed out to that 70s
tent. The worst reject video games, and ironically only one or two
came from the 70s, the remainder were mid to late eighties.

The first band of the day was Kings Of Leon. A very young band with
all of the right moves. We were able to get right up front but Jacki
bailed because of the crowd. And then the first of the day
occurred... it rained. A quick 10 minute rain that puddled up things
and left a great cloud of steam. I watched into the last song of the
set and met back up with Jacki for lunch.

We walked back to camp and heard Gomez but didn't stop. They were
playing at the stage closest to the campsite. After cooling off we
went to the big Mule show. Another Zep appearance was made. Warren
and band played No Quarter in its entirety and then quoted a lick off
of Physical Graffiti toward the end of their set. It was hot so we
mainly listened and didn't see all that much. The only gripe about
the set was by the time they were getting warmed up the show ended.
An hour and half doesn't do Warren justice.

When we were waiting for the Kings of Leon set a song came over the PA
that I had heard a couple of times over the last couple of days. The
guy next to us said it was My Morning Jacket. So, after Govt Mule we
headed to the other big stage for My Morning Jacket. On the way we
met two of the guys in a new band called deSol. They have been
together about 4 years but have their major label debut coming out on
Curb records in a month or so. They were passing out cds to passer
bys to encourage people to come to their set on Sunday. After taking
the freebie we looked at the cover and noticed it was the band that
was passing out the disc. We went back chatted briefly and got a
picture and they signed the disc.

On the way to My Morning Jacket the clouds started to roll in. We saw
about 2 songs and then ran for cover. About 10 minutes after we left
their set the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the rain let loose.

We did get to have a good visit with our camp neighbors. John and
Melissa had a sun shade thing that was about to blow away. We ran to
grab it as it was taking off from the ground. Then we found out the
shade was just kind of sitting on the ground and wasn't strapped down.
John and Melissa showed up as we were holding the screen down. John
found the stake hammered it down and then we had a good chat. Turns
out John is the editor of a new magazine "Best". I'll have to hit John up
to write an article on the stuff I do at EarthLink at some point.

And that brings us to now. Sitting in our car, listening to John's
iPod via the iTrip on 87.9 FM. They are sitting in their car and he
is broadcasting for the neighbors.

Tonight we've got Galactic, The Dead and Primus. 3 bands down and 3 to go.

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