Saturday, June 12, 2004

Day 2 Part 2

After the Chris Robinson signing we went right back into the same line for the Warren Haynes signing. You could clearly see the popularity of an artist at Bonnaroo. Los Lonely Boys line was 10 minutes, Chris Robinson was 20 minutes, and Warren Haynes was about 40 minutes.

After the uncordial signing by Chris, but we did get a good picture of him, it was nice to see how friendly and sincere Warren Haynes was. Jacki took a picture of me with Warren.

At Chris' they gave out a home made CDR of New Earth Mud tracks. It looked like they were made for the signing, since his new album is still about 2 weeks away from being released.

After the Warren signing we went to see Chris and the New Earth Mud. We saw about 45 minutes of his set. The band was smokin. Audley Freed was on lead guitar and even Chris was playing guitar throughout the set.

We left Chris' set about halfway through to catch the second half of Dylan. Jacki and I split up as I was off to the General Store. Miraculously we actually met up behind the soundboard with no problems. Dylan played a few songs off of his most recent release and closed the set with some of his older hits. It was the first time for us to see him.

We headed back to camp, got some drinks, dropped off some of our gear and headed right back to Dave Matthews. Both Bob and Dave were playing on the big stage so we were able to take advantage of our VIP status and sit in the bleachers and not have to sit in the sea of people.

We thought Bob was packed, we were wrong. Dave was standing room only as far as the eye could see. 10s of thousands of people. I'd guess upwards of 50,000 people were at Dave alone. This was a Dave and Friends set, Trey from phish played about 3/4 of the set with him, we had a brief Dave and Tim set, and the show was heavy on the covers. Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel), "Thank you, for letting me be myself" (?), Fire (Jimi Hendrix), Mr Bulldog (Beatles), and on some of the jams Tim would interweave other songs. One that stuck out for me was the intro for Bring It On Home (Led Zep).

The set had the full range of emotion, mellow songs, mid tempo and even some driving rockers. They played about 2 1/2 hours.

After that we walked to the movie tent, rested, and then saw about 5 minutes of Praxis with Buckethead ala KFC. Back to camp, showers, and we'll wait for the morning sauna...

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