Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Rock Show

Last night I made it out to Smith's Olde Bar to see Supagroup. Katie and Mike from my band were going to the show as well so we met early grabbed a bite downstairs and headed to the the show.

The opener for the show was a band out of Athens called
Southern Bitch.
I usually don't do this but I enjoyed their set quite a bit so I bought their disc at the end of the night. The cd is a couple of years old and based on the concert they've toughened up a bit. The cd may take me a few listens to get into. A little more mellow and country than their performance. But hey, that seems to be the story of my own band as well.

The band I had been looking to see was New Orleans based Supagroup. Great show, lot of intensity and was everything I was looking for from them. The only gripe is I wished they had played a longer set. If you haven't seen these guys go check them out. Yes, their music is straight from the AC/DC book of rock and roll, but it still makes for one hell of entertaining show. Their CD was made my top 10 list for 2003.

The last band was Antigone Rising. An all female group. Not bad, but not the right band to follow Supagroup. The intensity wasn't there and they place emptied half the crowd within 30 minutes of their set. I left shortly there after.

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