Monday, February 02, 2004

Google Rankings

So if you have noticed I like collecting lists and stats about what I listen to, purchase, or random things such as Seti.

Along those lines now that I've been doing this blog thing for several months I thought it would be interesting to track my google rankings.

As you can see the name of my site is "The Dave Blog" and as such I recently registered

Now doing a search on Google for The Dave Blog you see many blogs for people named Dave. Unfortunately mine isn't near the top. As of this writing my site is the 27th Dave Blog listed. One thing to point out is that the URL shown is for my old dyndns address.

Interestingly enough, if I put quotes around "The Dave Blog" my site comes back second on the list. Note, once again it is the dyndns address.

I'll attempt to revist this next month. We'll see if they start recording the new domain and if I can get higher in the rankings.

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