Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A day in the life of a stick monkey

8:00 am:
Get my ass out of bed, grab my sticks kiss my bitch
goodbye and I'm on my way.

9:00 am:
The neighborhood dog grabs me in his mouth and takes
me to his favorite hiding hole. Stick Monkey is dirty

Digs myself out of the hole and go down to the corner
store to down some 40's with my boys.

11:00 am:
Still Chillin' and drinkin'

12:00Pm :
Still Drinkin'

8:00 pm:
After a long day of downin 40's, it's time for stick
monkey to get his swerve on. I grab my newports and my
40 and head for downtown.

10:00 pm.
Stick monkey's getting freaky wit the ladies. It easy
bein a playa but it sure is fun.

11:00 pm
Retire early with a fine female monkey.
Wonder what tommorrow may bring for stick monkey

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