Saturday, February 07, 2004

Breaking News : Kazaa Raided

So are the days of free file sharing over? For the record I've always had quite mixed feelings about the free file sharing solutions. I've been friends with many starving musicians through the years and now that I'm in an active band I understand the desire to protect the artistic intellectual property and earn a profit from the hard work.

However the freedom that Kazaa type solutions offer are quite compelling. For the record I'm honestly probably in the 1% of people that use these solutions to check it music. If I do like something I'll go out and buy the cd or I'll erase the software. The exception, which is the gray area, is if it is rare, unreleased, or out of print material. All recordings should be fair game and if it isn't available for purchase I still at times want a mechanism to trade to get it.

About 2 years ago I almost went to work for Audio Galaxy in Austin. Literally the week I interviewed they were sued by the RIAA. Was what these companies do illegal, without a doubt yes. Is it compelling and important, yes.

Breaking News : Kazaa Raided

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