Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Superlatives

This evening I worked with Mike Voss, guitarist / singer, on setting up the demo studio. I picked up a set of drum mics last night so we set those up for recording today. Over the next several months you'll see this blog talk about the beginnings of a band.

Now that we have our first paying gig coming up we discussed the money situation a bit. The good news is I'm not in it for the money, but as the band gets money I'd like to see that money go into a band fund that we can use for things like studio time, supplies, costs related to a show, etc... If this does take off and we start making a good bit of money then we can revisit distribution of profits, yeah right!

I dropped our first performance down to cd yesterday. As expected the first few songs are pretty rough, but by the end of the set we played fairly well. Mike has the master tape of the second gig and I'll drop that down to cd later this week.

Come out this Saturday to the Last Great Watering Hole. We will likely be playing two one hour sets. One early and one late. We hope to have 13-15 songs worked up.

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