Friday, January 02, 2004

Here comes the man

Not a manly title but its been a big day for me nonetheless. Today I finally did some things around the house that previously I didn't think I could do. Now with my power drill and a lot of patience I was able to install a light kit on my ceiling fan. And to think I was ready to call a handyman. Hear is to a new phase of being handy around the house. Tim Allen look out!

But that isn't all. I also bought a bar-b-q pit and through some steaks and vegetables on the grill. Not the best meal in the world but not bad considering I had never grilled before. Let's just say I know now which parts of the grill get real hot. But my wife likes her steak well done anyway so it worked out. Now one of the pieces of bread didn't fare as well.

And last but not least for Christmas I received a MrBeer kit. I've done the prep and my first batch of home brew is a work in progress. In approximately 11 more days I'll be drinking my first batch of home brew. Cheers!

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